Emerging Artist Award — Dreams, Daydreaming & Dreamers

Dreams, Daydreaming & Dreamers
November 17th 2018

The FRONT Arte Cultura, San Ysidro, CA

Awarded the Emerging Artist Award by Juror Ingrid Hernández Director of the Casa de Cultura de Tijuana at the FRONT’s Dreams, Daydreaming & Dreamers exhibition. 

Me agradece poder representar parte de nuestra historia menos conocida. And it is an honor to be considered a voice in this ever important conversation in the current political climate.

Thank you to all those that came out last night! If you missed it, the exhibition will be up until January 18th 2019. Thursdays & Fridays 6-8pm.

“Hope is real, imagining is plausible, reality is a dream.

Present days are a challenge, however it is up to us; the citizens, to keep dreaming up our future even when conditions are stacked against us. Dreaming has become a politcal act, a rebel one, but not all dreams are good dreams. Is reality a dream or a nightmare? Who dreamed it? There was a moment in time when the “American dream” was something to fight for. What has become of that? If the dreamers are no longer welcome, who ́s going to dream? Where is the dream going to go? What becomes of this new reality?

We´ll be giving three prizes:

Established Artist
Emerging Artist
People´s Choice

Ale De Hoyos, Alejandro Vásquez, Avia Rose, Carlos Medina Díaz, Cat Copenwrath, Daniela Davidoff, Farshi Bazmandegan, Gerardo Diego Cuevas, Grace Huddleston, Jacquelene Cristina Verna, Kari Velasco, Kelly Einbinder, Kelly Moran, Laura Hurtado, Lissa Corona, Nathan Preciado, Maggie Simon, Marina Girize, Mauro Doñate, Paul N Roth

Ingrid Hernández
Director of the Casa de Cultura de Tijuana”

Source: http://www.casafamiliar.org

Work featured in this exhibition: Que aparezcan con vida, los 30.000 desaparecidos— Madres de Plaza de Mayo awarded Emerging Artist Award