Art & Empire: The Golden Age of Spain

The San Diego Museum of Art
May 18, 2019 - Sept 2, 2019
$5 additional charge for nonmembers

I interned at the San Diego Museum of Art my sophomore and junior year assisting the Curator of European ArtMichael Brown PhD with projects for the current Art & Empire: The Golden Age of Spain Exhibition. The exhibition is the first in the US to include Spanish territories outside of the Iberian Peninsula to represent this era and the interconnectedness of trade and different Hispanic countries and cultures. As an Argentine-American student the Golden Age of Spain and its iconic figures like Sor Juana Inez De la Cruz, Quevedo, and Góngora were all authors I had studied in history classes since I was a child. Researching and composing a timeline, securing image reproduction rights for the catalogue, and even putting in input on the map allowed me to see behind the scenes of an institution and influenced me into deciding to peruse Museum Studies as my day job as a Studio Artist. A perfect match. I am honored to have contributed and to have learned so much about this powerful exhibition.

Additionally, I was honored to have stumbled across my name in the acknowledgements of the beautiful hardcover exhibition catalogue.

Impressive Press Coverage on the Exhibition: